Brenda helps you to get the best deal out there…I highly recommend any new home buyers!!
– Rajan P.

Brenda has always been my “go to loan officer” when issues arise with past customers. Her ability to stay on top of the ever changing mortgage field is amazing! I believe Brenda always puts her customers needs above a “pay check” and her professionalism brings her customers coming back to do business with her every time they buy or refy. She is one of the only loan officers I know that answers her phone no matter what… day/night and weekends! If you want superior honest service give her a call!
– Julie R.

Brenda was great. She got the job done and on time.
– Roger P.

Brenda is hard working lender and is very passionate about her clients. She does a great job with communication and always keeps everyone in the loop! Highly recommend her to anyone!
– Katee D.

Brenda is THE lender I want my clients working with. Her extensive knowledge and experience in lending sets her above the rest and she also cares for and understands each of her clients needs. I’ve never worked with a lender who is in constant communication with her clients making sure they are aware of every step of the process like Brenda does. I look forward to many great years working with Brenda.
– Jared R.

Brenda is a detail oriented Mortgage loan Officer who takes you through the financing process step by step. She is available for the signing process as well as any other business related issues.
– Jane G.